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   Presidents Message for May 2014

What a talented membership we have in our Society! Member Jim Lund brought his hand-built scale models to our April meeting to illustrate his presentation on "The Aircraft of Howard Hughes." Bill Larkins has been honored by the American Aviation Historical Society for his lifelong contributions to the preservation of aviation history. Members Nick Veronico, Jim Dunn and Ron Strong have recently published a book titled, "Boneyard Nose Art: U.S. Military Aircraft Markings and Artwork" - you can view a generous preview before buying it on Amazon.com. Our October meeting will feature member Andy Melomet's video presentation and discussion of "Thunderbolt," a documentary about a P-47 squadron during WWII. These are just some current highlights of our members' talents and accomplishments, and there are many, many more!

E-mailing Board Members: There's a trick to it.

When sending e-mail to our Board Members at sfahistory.org, you must delete the word "REMOVE" from the e-mail address before sending it or the message will not be delivered. For example, if you click on Alice Hendricks under Board of Directors on our website, the e-mail will be addressed to "AliceHendricksREMOVE@sfahistory.org". In addition to deleting the word "REMOVE" from the address, you must also enter a subject in the title of your e-mail. We have to ask you to take these two extra steps so we can avoid the enormous amount of spam and potential viruses we otherwise receive. Thanks for your understanding.

"SAH" no longer accepted on checks

Please note that our bank will now reject any checks made payable to the "SAH", as they require "Society for Aviation History" to be written out in full. So please keep this in mind when sending us your checks for meeting registration and membership.

See you at our June 7th meeting!

- Alice Hendricks


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