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   Presidents Message for May, 2011

Our April meeting's presentation by Peter Stekel was so interesting and moving as he talked about his mission to honor what he calls "the third front," those thousands of service personnel on the home front who lost their lives in training and transportation accidents before being deployed during World War II. See the meeting write-up inside.

Newsletter News

Starting in November, we will be changing our newsletter and meeting notification format. Instead of the current six newsletters per year, we will isssue four larger ones in order to offer more comprehensive articles and additional photos. Best of all, the front cover will now be in color! Because the four newsletters will no longer coincide with our meeting schedule, members will receive meeting notification by postcard. The cards will contain the same information as you now see in the newsletters, including location, meal choices, cost, deadline, etc. So keep an eye out for your postcards in the fall - until then, the newsletters will contain meeting information as before. Also, you can always get details of the meetings online at www.sfahistory.org/meetings.htm

Lunch Reservations: Make them early!

The Society is having to strictly enforce the meeting registration deadline in order to get an accurate meal count to the restaurant on time. Your check or PayPal payment must arrive at the Society office by the Tuesday before our Saturday meeting, so if you have not sent your check by Friday, or if it is Tuesday and you have not registered for the meeting, please call Nick or Betty Veronico to make payment arrangements. Also, anyone who comes to a meeting without having made reservations by the Tuesday deadline will be required to pay $50 to attend, as stated in the SAH Policies & Procedures (which can be viewed on the society's website). In the past, Board members have had to give up their meal choices as well as their seats in order to accomodate unregistered members.

Member Donation Benefits Us All

Thanks to the generosity of Lyra Bengtson, we now have a beautiful new video camera to videotape our meetings! Now we just need one volunteer per meeting to man the camera. It's an easy job - please let a Board member know if you would like to do the June 4th meeting, or any of our future meetings. We would greatly appreciate your contribution! Andy melomet makes DVDs for our lending library, and you can contact Gela DePutter if you would like to borrow a meeting DVD.

Contact Us

Speaking of your board members, our phone numbers and email addresses are listed in the column to the right of this message. We are always happy to hear from members with your suggestions, your comments, and of course, your desire to volunteer!

Looking forward to seeing you at our June 4th meeting, Scott Thompson will talk about the B-17 restoration movement. Watch the newsletter and website for details.

- Alice Hendricks


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