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Society for Aviation History

   Presidents Message for July, 2011

Many thanks to SAH member Scott Thompson for his wonderful presentation on the B-17 Flying Fortress as it survives today in flying condition, static display, and other various forms from wreck to restoration. Illustrated by many slides, Scott told us stories of some of the 48 remaining airplanes, one of my favorites being the B-17 whose crew was lost and landed on the ice of a Canadian arctic lake in 1947 (they were rescued), the aircraft sank to the bottom when the ice thawed, and 56 years later was towed in the water for 80 miles before it could be beached for recovery! Be sure to read the meeting write-up inside.

Is your check in the mail?

The society is now using PayPal to accept electronic payments for meetings, tours, memberships, and guest memberships. Also, please send your check no later than the Friday a week prior to the meeting so it will arrive by the Tuesday deadline; if you mail your check on Saturday, you must call or e-mail Nick Veronico to let him know for the final count. Remember PayPal is always a good option for meeting sign-up, and you will find a link right on our website under Meetings and Educational Programs.

DVD Loan Program

With our wonderful new video camera (thanks again, Lyra Bengtson!), we continue to videotape our meetings. Andy Melomet transfers them to DVDs, and Gela DePutter coordinates loaning them to interested members. Please see the information on page 25 of the summer newsletter for how the program works and Gela's contact information.


Do you have an area of interest that you would like our members to see? Why not coordinate a tour for our group? While you would be responsible for setting up the tour and following through with arrangements and payment, you will be assisted by as many SAH members as you would like to recruit. Let any of us Board members know, and we'll help you get started.

Next Meeting: October 1

Continuing the tradition of his annual aviation film presentation, member Andy Melomet will present and discuss the aviation episodes of The Twilight Zone. Those of you who have attended Andy's presentations in the past know we are in for a treat - and I can already hear the "do-do-do-do"s (provide your own version of The Twilight Zone theme music here)!

Have a Great Summer!

Looking for an aviation event to attend? Check the Calendar of Events on the back of your newsletter. Summer is a great time to tell other aviation enthusiasts about the SAH, so wear your badge to events and give people our website address. Remember that for every five members you recruit, you get a free year of membership! See you in October!

- Alice Hendricks


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