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Society for Aviation History

   Presidents Message for January, 2012

Happy 2012! We enter the new year with excitement about what lies ahead for the Society for Aviation History, as well as appreciation for the past year of inspiring programs. Starting with Douglas Scroggins' "Junkyard Jets" in February, we continued with Peter Stekel's presentation on "Final Flight: A Mystery in the High Sierra," Scott Thompson's program on the B-17 Flying Fortresses that survive today, Andy Melomet guiding us through the aviation episodes of The Twilight Zone, and our grand finale of December's Lockheed Skunk Works Panel. Members also enjoyed the tank museum tour in July. With Nick Veronico continuing as program director, we can look forward to five more intriguing programs this year.

Election Results

The 2012 SAH Board of Directors and officers are President Alice Hendricks, Vice President Rick Turner, Secretary Vallerie Kilkenny-Jukes, Treasurer Dan Morgan, Program Director Nick Veronico, Webmaster Roger Cain, Newsletter Editor Betty Veronico, Membership Chair Amjad Noorani, and Director at Large Norm Jukes. Our thanks to our continuing Committee Chairs: Bill Stubkjaer for Trivia, Lee Scales for Prize Patrol, Bruce Bengtson for Elections, and our Video/DVD Committee of Roger Cain, Andy Melomet, and Gela DePutter.

Toys for Teens Drive

Many thanks to our members for the tableful of toys contributed at our December meeting, which were donated to a program for local teenagers in need this holiday season. Your generosity made a difference for many.

2012 Dues

January is the month for sending in your 2012 dues if you haven't already done so. What a great value $25 is for a year's worth of our newsletters, website access, interesting programs and tours, and connection with our wonderful membership! Tell your friends about us, or better yet, bring them to a meeting so they can see for themselves. Referral of five new members will reward you with a free year of SAH membership.

Newsletter Contributions

Member contributions are always welcome for the newsletter. Even if you have a single photograph you think may be of interest to others in our group, get in touch with Betty Veronico. She can often use a photo or short article to complete a page layout.

Best wishes to all in the New Year, and we'll see you at our Feb. 4th meeting!

- Alice Hendricks


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