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   Presidents Message for May, 2012

Our April meeting at Michael's at Shoreline was a fascinating one, with speaker Don Harten recounting his harrowing tale of surviving both a mid-air collision of two B-52s and the subsequent crash of an SA-16 Albatross amphibian that attempted to rescue him. Read all about it in the meeting write-up, and if you missed the meeting, Harten's book Arc Light One is available from most book sellers.

Exciting Tour News

We have scheduled a tour at the Pacific Coast Air Museum (PCAM) in Santa Rosa on Saturday, June 16. It will be an early evening tour, coinciding with PCAM's Night at the Museum event. There will be a number of open cockpits as well as pilots and ground crew for each aircraft - see the meetings page for details. A big thank you to Norm and Vallerie Jukes for coordinating this tour for us!

Also, Matthew Mintz is working on scheduling a tour of a warbird restoration facility in Salinas for the fall. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Summer Edition of Touch & Go

Our Special Summer Newsletter is underway, and contributions are needed. The success of the Summer special edition comes from member contributions. Please contact our newsletter editor, Betty Veronico, with your articles and photos. We are once again planning a color cover for this edition.

Replacement Badge Cost Increase

We have had to increase the price of replacement badges from $2 to $5 due to the cost of materials. Don't let that extra $3 hold you back - if you ever need a new badge, we'll make you one!

See you at our next meeting on June 2nd, our last one before the summer break!

- Alice Hendricks


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