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Society for Aviation History

   President's Message for May/June 2016

If you don't mind my saying, I believe the SAH is a very well-run organization. From a member's standpoint, everything - usually - runs smoothly. We have great meetings (venues, speakers, prizes, and hateful trivia!), a fantastic newsletter, an awesome website, outstanding tours, and our finances are in order.

A variety of products must come together many times each year to ensure our group's success. Each year we host five meetings, produce five 12-page newsletters, and one 48-page Special Summer edition. To support this effort, Betty Veronico collects input from our members, edits, designs, and then manages the printing and distribution of each publication. Information from the newsletter feeds the website run by Roger Cain, and this information goes into our email notification and social media channels run by Byron May and Ron Close.

Ensuring that everything runs smoothly at the meetings are Ron Strong, Ron Close, and Michael Stein, along with back-up master of ceremonies Rick Turner. When not ensuring everything is set, these guys, along with Byron May and Dan Morgan, are writing feature stories about each meeting for our newsletter and website. Trivia Master Bill Stubkjaer (Booooo!) manages to school our members in aviation's minutia - Booooo! Collecting, managing, and distributing the prizes to the trivia and door prize winners at each meeting is accomplished by Lee Scales.

Videotaping of our meetings was started by Roger Cain and Andy Melomet and their efforts have grown into our awesome DVD Lending Library managed by Byron May. You'll see a number of SAH members supporting the video efforts at the meetings, and they do a great job. We now have a page listing the more than 45 meetings available on DVD on our website. Members can borrow a meeting DVD at no-cost, or if you'd like to keep it, we only ask for $10 to reimburse us for the disk and cover (shipping is extra). You can view our fantastic list of past speakers at: www.sfahistory.org/speakers.htm

In addition to the work of our members, I must mention our guest speakers who give of their time and knowledge to share their experiences with our members.

Over the years we've had some great tours, and this year we've seen the Academy of Art University's automobile collection, the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, and Dave Teeters' Airmotive Specialties restoration shop in Salinas. Board Member Ron Close and Tour Coordinator Dave Osgood have done an outstanding job getting tremendous access to these special collections. I don't know how those tours can be topped, but I can tell you that more great tours are in the works.

Dan Morgan manages our finances. Morgan's diligence, and the generosity of our membership, have held us in an excellent financial position year-in and year-out. Note that our bylaws don't allow us to "fund raise" and I personally believe that makes our meetings more enjoyable - I appreciate that the SAH is not asking for donations at every turn.

Secretary Vallarie Kilkinney-Jukes is often seen checking in guests at meetings, but her job entails so much more behind-the-scenes work - preparing and sending membership packets, handling the meeting minutes, etc. Sitting next to Vallarie you'll often see former board member Darlene Cain helping make things go smoothly.

More behind-the-scenes work is done by Bruce Bengston, head of the SAH Election Committee. The members who count our votes in secret varies, but in the recent past has included Lyra Bengston, Andy Melomet, and Jane Merschen.

The above-mentioned folks give generously of their time and skills to make this organization such a success. Please take a moment at the next meeting or tour to join me in thanking them for their devotion to the success of the Society for Aviation History.

- Nick Veronico


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