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Society for Aviation History

   President's Message for March/April 2016

This year is off to a great start.

Our first educational program was presented by Donald J. Porter, who spoke of his experiences as well as the history of Hughes Helicopters. Porter started as the youngest field service rep, supporting the OH-6 in Vietnam. From this foundation, along with his tenure at the helicopter company, Porter wrote Howard's Whirlybirds. His insights into the man and the company were fantastic. I encourage you to pick up his book, and if you missed the meeting, please know that it is available to members on DVD, at no cost, from our DVD lending library.

Speaking of the lending library, Byron May does a great job curating our collection of recorded programs and you're welcome to drop him an email if you'd like to borrow one.

If you visit our home page and click on the "DVD Lending Library" link, it will take you to the web page developed by Roger Cain, Mike Henninger, and Byron May that gives a list of the programs available on DVD. These meetings feature some of aviation history's most notable, ranging from B-29 Enola Gay navigator Theodore "Dutch" Van Kirk (Dec. 14, 1996) to aircraft engineering wizard Dan Whitney (Dec. 5, 2015). All of the men and women on our list of past speakers have generously shared their stories with our members. The society is grateful for their willingness to give of their time and knowledge.

If you're impressed with our list of previous speakers, we're very fortunate to have Col. James F. Wilson (USAF, ret.), former RF-4C and SR-71 pilot, presenting to our group in April. In addition, member Tom Johnson, our early airways navigation expert, will lead a short hike after the April meeting to the concrete arrows on Acalanes Ridge. Thanks to Col. Wilson and Tom Johnson for their generosity in making the April meeting so interesting. (See Page 3.)

In other interesting Society for Aviation History activities, Tour Coordinator Dave Osgood hosted a successful tour of the Academy of Art University's Automobile Collection in San Francisco in January. (See Page 8.) Thanks to everyone who participated.

Our next trip will see the society tour the former Mare Island Naval Base in Vallejo, California. Details for this tour can be found on Page 10.

The society has a lot going on, and on behalf of the SAH I thank you for your participation.

- Nick Veronico


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