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   President's Message for Sept/Oct 2015

Another fun summer is coming to a close and the Society for Aviation History now returns from vacation. I hope you enjoyed reading our expanded summer edition of Touch and Go and thanks to all of our members who contributed and our hard working newsletter editor.

We hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the many aviation related activities in the Bay Area and around the country. With the great photos you took on your travels, consider sharing them with a write-up for the newsletter.

We've had some great tours and "unofficial" gatherings at locations where members have congregated. Many of us will be at the Reno Air Races during the Sept. 16-20 weekend. If you see your fellow members, pass that word that we'll take a group photo - most likely on Saturday morning. If you'll be at the races, please send me an email with your contact info and I'll put out the time and place on Friday - I can be reached at: Nick at SFAHistory.org.

As a follow-up to our June meeting, speaker John Brennan's Vietnam War Helicopter Art books have received a lot of attention since our meeting. Most recently there was an outstanding review in the Seattle Post-Intelligencier's "Travel for Aircraft" blog. You can read the review and subscribe to the review here: Travel For Aircraft

Written by Joe May, the blog has museum reports, aircraft walk-arounds, photography tips/tricks, and lots of other interesting aviation stuff. You can subscribe to the blog for free.

We have a great slate of programs for the balance of 2015 and your board of directors is in the process of setting up speakers for 2016. See you at the October meeting.

- Nick Veronico


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