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Society for Aviation History

   President's Message for May/June 2015

We're nearly halfway through the year and I have to say it's been a great year so far!

At our general meetings we've enjoyed some fantastic speakers - Bill Yenne in February discussing Area 51, and in April, Barbara Schultz on the life and times of pilot and adventurer Moye Stephens. Both were excellent programs and if you missed one, I encourage you to borrow a copy from our lending library, headed by Byron May (SAH 98), or purchase a DVD for your collection. Also, both venues were top notch - both in service and meals. Looking forward to returning to both sites for future meetings.

On March 14, more than 20 members and guests toured SF-88, the Nike missile site in the Marin Headlands. Guests were guided around the grounds and below ground into the missile magazine. The docents had all served in Nike batteries and were extremely knowledgeable. There was a write-up about this tour in the latest issue of Air Classics magazine thanks to member Rick Turner (SAH 8). If you missed the tour, more information is available on line at: National Park Service Nike Missile Site

On May 16, the Society for Aviation History is hosting a tour of the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California, home of the former Castle Air Force Base. The museum has nearly 60 aircraft in its collection ranging from every bomber type from B-18 to B-52, along with jets from the F-80 to the Century Series to the SR-71. The society has arranged for a number of cockpits to be open for our members, and this will give you the opportunity to see the inner workings of these aircraft and shoot photos without interruption. Val (SAH 130) and Norm Jukes (SAH 3) have arranged this tour and Ron Close (SAH 213) will be on site to greet you and check you in. Please bring a guest (same price as members) and use our Facebook page to arrange carpools. And don't forget to wear your SAH badge.

Roger Cain (SAH 2) keeps the website up to date and our Facebook page has been receiving a lot of attention. Roger is posting photos regularly and it is a great way to communicate with other members.

Betty Veronico (SAH 4) reports that content is coming in for our annual, special 48-page newsletter, but she could use additional material. If you've been to an airshow, museum, or a special aviation event, please share your experiences with the rest of the members. It's easy, and the guidelines are on the web, here: www.sfahistory.org/guidelines.htm. If you have questions, feel free to email Betty or give her a call at the phone number listed in your newsletter.

As this newsletter goes to print, many members are returning from the Planes of Fame airshow at Chino Airport in southern California. I saw at least 15 members in attendance, and there may have been more. Thank you all for being there.

I look forward to seeing you at our June meeting.

- Nick Veronico


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