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Society for Aviation History


Policies and Procedures Refresher

It has been five years or so since we've run down the society's policies and procedures, and the board of directors has decided to print this refresher.

As you're all aware, the society operates on volunteer labor. Most of our volunteers are working 50-hour-a-week jobs, some more. So if you're call isn't returned in two hours, or possibly even two days if there's a vacation or business trip involved, you'll understand.

Educational Programs

When it comes to our educational programs, the deadline to reserve a seat is typically Tuesday of the week of the lunch at 5 p.m. The society has to provide a guaranteed count and pay for those who have reserved at that time.

Thus, if you have reserved and wish to cancel after the deadline, we cannot refund your money as we've already paid for your lunch. Also, if you book a reservation or add people to your reservation by phone and someone does not show, you will be invoiced for that amount, payable within 30 days.

Occasionally, the question arises as to whether or not a member can attend an educational program without paying? The answer is: No. SAH rules require a prepayment so we can have the correct number of meals on hand. In addition, the fee covers the room cost, the meal, the program, and any speaker costs.

Can you show up at the door without a reservation? No. As of February 2007, if you show up at the door without a reservation, your seat at the meeting will cost $50. The board of directors has enacted this policy to reduce the number of people who show up unannounced. This causes problems for the restaurant/hotel, and recently required a number of our volunteers to give up their seats or meal choices to accommodate unannounced guests. This is not fair to those who work so hard for the society.

I'm sure you'll agree that our educational programs are some of the best, bringing the men and women who've made aviation history to tell their stories first-hand. Over the past three years we've had the principal scientist who investigated the crash site of the USS Macon, the female astronaut with the most time in orbit, the first pilot to fly the B-2, the first to fly the SR-71, and the first to fly the F-117. Our panel discussions have been tops, such as the history of Pan Am Piston-Powered Airliners, the B-47, B-52, and F-111 crew panels, and the aerial gunnery symposium at Stockton. A side bonus of our educational programs is the society's tours. We've been on the USS Hornet, to the mothball fleet, the tank collection, the Nike site, and the Mustang restoration facility in Salinas.

Board of Directors Meetings

Society business meetings are open to all members. The dates and locations are shown in the calendar of the newsletter and on the society's website. All members are welcome to attend, however, we request you "reserve a seat." These meetings are held at the board members' private residences, and some meeting locations are smaller than others and arrangements need to be made to accommodate guests. We do welcome your input.

If you would like to present new ideas to the board, please call the society office to be slated on the meeting agenda (650/631-4207).

For the record, December is the society's annual meeting. At this time, society elections are held. If you would like to run for a chapter office, please write or call to have your name placed on the ballot. Typically, the call for nominations goes out in September of each year. Please note that directors serve without compensation.

Society Dues

Membership dues are due and payable in January of each year. Dues are $25 per person with spouses being given a complimentary associate membership. For those who have not paid their dues by the February meeting, a reminder postcard is sent in lieu of the year's second newsletter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the board of directors. Thank you all for your consideration and cooperation with these policies and procedures.