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Society for Aviation History

Board Calendar 2024

January 2024 Newsletter #1 Material Deadline: Dec. 16, 2023. Goes to printer TBD.

Jan. 4     Board Meeting via Zoom

Jan. 9     Board Dinner

Feb. 3     General Meeting, Write-up by Dan;   Back up: Byron

Newsletter #2 March/April: Material Deadline: Feb. 17. Goes to printer TBD.


March 7     Board Meeting via Zoom

April 6     General Meeting, Write-up by Ron C.;   Back up: Dave

Newsletter #3 May/June: Material Deadline: Apr. 20. Goes to printer TBD


May 2     Board Meeting via Zoom

June 1     General Meeting, Write-up by Dave;   Back up: Dan

Newsletter #4 Summer Edition Material: Last deadline June 29. Goes to printer TBD.

***** Summer Break*****

Newsletter #5 Sept/Oct: Material Deadline: Aug. 16. Goes to printer TBD.


Sept 5     Board Meeting via Zoom

Oct. 5     General Meeting, Write-up by Byron;  
Back up: Ron C.

**2024 Board Bio's due by Oct. 9, 2024**

Newsletter #6 Nov/Dec: Material Deadline: Oct. 19. Goes to printer TBD


Nov. 7     Board Meeting via Zoom

Dec. 7     General Meeting, Write-up by Ron C;   Back up: Byron

January 2025 Newsletter #1 Material Deadline: Dec. 19, 2024. Goes to printer TBD