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Society for Aviation History

Board Calendar 2017

January 2017 Newsletter #1 Material Deadline: Dec. 16, 2016

Jan. 13th     Board Meeting at: Cains's house

Feb. 6th     General Meeting, Write-up by Ron C., Back up: Rick

March Newsletter #2 Material Deadline: Feb. 18. Goes to printer on Feb 27.


March 3     Board Meeting at: Veronico's house

Apr. 8th     General Meeting, Write-up by Mike, Back up: Byron

May Newsletter #3 Material Deadline: Apr. 22. Goes to printer on April 30


May 12     Board Meeting at: Veronico's house

June 3rd     General Meeting, Write-up by Rick, Back up: Ron C. (Due by June 17)

Material Deadlines vary

Newsletter #4 Summer Edition Material: Last deadline June 30. Goes to printers July 10.


Summer:     No meetings


Newsletter #5 Material Deadline: Aug. 25. Goes to printer on Aug 31.


Aug 26th     Board Meeting at: Strong's house - Saturday 11:00 a.m.

Oct. 7th     General Meeting, Write-up: Dan, Back up: Byron

(Canned Food Drive)      (Solicit for 2018 Board positions)

2018 Board Bio's due by Oct. 14, 2017. Goes to printer on Oct. 16.

Newsletter #6 Material Deadline: Oct. 21. Goes to printer on Oct. 28.


Nov. 4     Board Meeting at: Stein's house - Saturday 11:00 a.m.

Dec. 2nd     General Meeting, Write-up: Ron S., Back up: Mike

                     (Teen Toy Drive)

January 2018 Newsletter #1 Material Deadline: Dec. 16. Goes to printer on Dec 26.